Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Supper & other stuff

What's for supper tonight?? 

Chilli Parlour Chilli with cheese and Multi-grain toast!  mmmmmmm :)

Under the dishes is my first try at a tessellating design from the book called Square Dance - Fancy Quilts from Plain Squares - by Martha Thompson.  This method takes the hard work out of making one of these designs.  This tester is a place mat that is fun and easy to do too!

I have to show you what CJ brought home for me the other day....

It was so sweet of him to bring me flowers "just because". 

Things are progressing slowly on our Home Reno project. We both seem to be getting tired and easily distracted. We did go to Jysk yesterday and purchased the curtain rods and drapes for in the livingroom and diningroom. We also picked up blinds for behind the livingroom drapes as the sun can really heat up that side of the house. Now I am anxious to get the trim around the windows painted and the final coat of paint on the walls so I can hang drapes again. I would REALLY like everything to get back to normal around here...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just a quick update...  I took a tumble in the garage last thursday and sprained my left wrist, scraped my shin and bruised a knee quite badly.  Spent half a day in emergency getting checked out and thankfully, nothing was broken!  I was told to rest with my leg up and a tensor on my wrist.   

I still have bedding plants to get into the ground although I did manage to get some of them planted.  Today, I worked on painting the interior of all but two of the upper cupboards.  The wrist is a bit sore again tonight.  

CJ's mom wanted to know how I managed to paint with my wrist immobile and my leg higher than my heart... she asked for pictures...  LOL  Sorry mom, no pics of that available. :-D

Meanwhile, we have the carpet installed in most of the downstairs, just 2 rooms to be done yet as soon as we get everything cleared out of them.  Almost all of what is down there needs to be driven out to the storage unit we rented so it will take a few days of making trips with our little truck.

I was planning to work on quilting the charity quilt that I have pin basted, but it seems that my walking foot has gone into hiding somewhere...  hopefully, I will find it out in the trailer which is also at the storage lot.  *sigh*

I sure hope that I can soon get back to doing some quilting and have some more interesting stuff to show and tell!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Setting Goals

I have been spending a bit of time lately Blog-Hopping.  I have seen SO many interesting blogs as I am attempting to visit every blog listed by Just Us Quilters.   The thing is... there are MORE every day, which is actually quite wonderful!  I love seeing what everyone else is doing and I am envious of those who seem to be able to accomplish so much.  It seems that I am spending more and more time on the computer looking at quilting stuff than I spend actually doing any quilting! I think I need to set some goals (rules) for myself.  Peg at Happy In Quilting has issued a challage for finishing quilts.. her challenge is to turn 5 flimsies into quilted quilts by the end of July!  Yikes...  I think I would be doing well to get one done.   Hmmm... perhaps I could try the "Quilt for an Hour" a day idea.  You would think I could manage that as I have no kids to watch (unless the dog counts).  I KNOW>>> I will give myself the same amount of times to sew as I spend on the computer!!  Uh-oh... I don't think my partner CJ will agree to that one!  Maybe, I will take only as much computer time as I spend quilting... but then, it may take months between blog updates!  lol  No matter what, it seems to be a situation that I am going to have to spend a bit of time figuring out how to resolve it.  Besides, there are still renovations on the house to finish... Happy stitchin' until next time...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stolen Quilting Moments

Believe it or not... I have actually managed to steal away from the renovations for a wee bit of quilting therapy!!  I found a few free minutes to get the final borders on this little quilt for charity... then, I took advantage of the new laminate flooring in the empty dining room to tape down the backing and pin-baste the quilt together.  Angel thought for sure that it was play-time...  Did I mention that I love my new laminate floor???  

CJ also got the OTR (over the range) microwave installed.  As I cooked supper last night, I really feltlike I was in a totally different kitchen!  With the change in the layout, it now seems SO much more open and spacious than it ever has before.  Now, if I can just get all those extra tools and stuff out of there and get the painting done...

Today, I bit the bullet and went to arrange for some off-site storage.  We will be cleaning out the trailer to move it out as well as moving some of the boxes that are already packed into a storage unit.  Then, there are the bins of yarn that were left from when I closed my business.  Those will be getting transferred to the storage unit as well until I can find a buyer for all of it.  **sigh**  Anyone out there need yarn??

Thursday, June 5, 2008

On The Road Again

Wow... I can't believe its been so long since I last posted!  Much has taken place although not all to do with the renovation on the house.  

We were away for about 10 days to help move someone from central Saskatchewan out to the Fraser Valley of BC..  We headed East of where we live now driving about 7 hours.. worked for several days to pack and load the household of an elderly gentleman then, on the road again driving the 28 foot U-Haul truck the 21 hours from start of journey until arrival in BC.  We visited friends and relatives in BC for a couple of days, then drove the 14 hours back.  

Once we were back here again, we had to get into high gear as we had only a day to prepare until the fellow came to replace the countertops in the kitchen... good thing CJ had already moved the cupboard sections before we left!  Just had to remove the kitchen sink...
It didn't take long until the new arborite was down..And... as usual... it seems that I get so excited with the finished product that I forget to take a final picture!  So...  I ran and took one for you now!Countertop detail.. with oak banding on edge.  This will still need to be filled, sanded, stained and varithaned.  Here's a shot ofthe side of the kitchen where the cupboards were moved so the fridge could fit there...  The drawers still need primer as well as the remainder of the lower cabinets.And NO... I am not leaving the top cabinets open without doors... they are being painted and re-installed!!  Too much mess in my kitchen for open shelving.  You also get just a little sneak-peek at the laminate floor which was put in yesterday!   Goodbye ugly 80's lino!!  Goodbye very soon to the horrible "peach" trim on the woodwork... it will be going white.   PLUS.. this is a little bistro-type table and chair set we found that we are auditioning in the kitchen eating area.  Did I say that I love Love LOVE the laminate??Here's the diningroom..and the livingroom with the furniture all pilled in...  I'm not so sure that the golden oak coffee table and end tables will work with this floor though..  

OHhhh... I almost forgot that CJ got most of the livingroom, diningroom, hallway and kitchen under primer prior to the flooring being installed...He can actually walk in these..  AND paint!! It was almost 11:30 PM by the time this was done and we realized we had forgotten to have supper...  That cereal sure tasted good!!

So, for now, this brings things up-to-date...  Hopefully, we won't have to do any more shuffling things around for a bit - that is, until about 10 days from now when the carpet goes in downstairs along with new lino in the bathrooms....