Sunday, March 2, 2008

Should's, Gotta's and Wanna's

This morning over coffee, I read Judy's Quiltathon Report for the Day and it sounded just like me! I had to read it out loud to Curt. That's when the discussion started. I often tote along many more projects than I can possibly finish whenever we go anywhere. He wondered why anyone would want to go on a holiday and drag along a bunch of sewing or knitting etc. He figures, if you want to sew, skip the holiday and just stay home to sew. I believe that, as women we often times take care of everyone else's needs first and put our own needs or wants last. So, if we were just to stay home, there would be those cupboards that "should" be cleaned out, or walls that need washing or laundry to be done or any number of other daily domestic things that we see when we look around our living spaces. When we can remove ourselves from that space, we somehow manage to give ourselves permission to spend time doing what we want to do. We all have so many "shoulds and gotta's" that we often put our "wanna's" last when, to be happy and fulfilled, we should be bringing those further to the front of the list. Judy's Quiltathon is just the avenue we can use to put ourselves first just for a day, and spend time doing what we find pleasure in doing. Hope everyone has a great quilting day today!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Double Trouble

Not only was today the Quiltathon day, it was also a workshop day for our local quilt guild to get together and complete some charity quilts. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera today. The day started off with picking from an assortment of pre-cut kits. Lots of different fabrics had been donated so there were many different kits to pick from. After a few simple instructions, we were off and sewing. There were 28 ladies sewing and by 3:00 pm there were more than half who had their quilt tops completed and sandwiched!! Here is a picture of mine that I took when I got home. Its all ready for the final quilting and then binding. Not too bad for less than 6 hours (for me anyways). I was hoping to keep going on this tonight and get it finished. I shall see how I feel after a wee rest. More later.....