Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Setting Goals

I have been spending a bit of time lately Blog-Hopping.  I have seen SO many interesting blogs as I am attempting to visit every blog listed by Just Us Quilters.   The thing is... there are MORE every day, which is actually quite wonderful!  I love seeing what everyone else is doing and I am envious of those who seem to be able to accomplish so much.  It seems that I am spending more and more time on the computer looking at quilting stuff than I spend actually doing any quilting! I think I need to set some goals (rules) for myself.  Peg at Happy In Quilting has issued a challage for finishing quilts.. her challenge is to turn 5 flimsies into quilted quilts by the end of July!  Yikes...  I think I would be doing well to get one done.   Hmmm... perhaps I could try the "Quilt for an Hour" a day idea.  You would think I could manage that as I have no kids to watch (unless the dog counts).  I KNOW>>> I will give myself the same amount of times to sew as I spend on the computer!!  Uh-oh... I don't think my partner CJ will agree to that one!  Maybe, I will take only as much computer time as I spend quilting... but then, it may take months between blog updates!  lol  No matter what, it seems to be a situation that I am going to have to spend a bit of time figuring out how to resolve it.  Besides, there are still renovations on the house to finish... Happy stitchin' until next time...

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  1. It's difficult isn't it. I'm doing the 5 before July Challenge. I know I'll never do the Hour a Day but I've got a chance at finishing 5 items before the end of July.

    love and hugs xxx


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