Thursday, June 5, 2008

On The Road Again

Wow... I can't believe its been so long since I last posted!  Much has taken place although not all to do with the renovation on the house.  

We were away for about 10 days to help move someone from central Saskatchewan out to the Fraser Valley of BC..  We headed East of where we live now driving about 7 hours.. worked for several days to pack and load the household of an elderly gentleman then, on the road again driving the 28 foot U-Haul truck the 21 hours from start of journey until arrival in BC.  We visited friends and relatives in BC for a couple of days, then drove the 14 hours back.  

Once we were back here again, we had to get into high gear as we had only a day to prepare until the fellow came to replace the countertops in the kitchen... good thing CJ had already moved the cupboard sections before we left!  Just had to remove the kitchen sink...
It didn't take long until the new arborite was down..And... as usual... it seems that I get so excited with the finished product that I forget to take a final picture!  So...  I ran and took one for you now!Countertop detail.. with oak banding on edge.  This will still need to be filled, sanded, stained and varithaned.  Here's a shot ofthe side of the kitchen where the cupboards were moved so the fridge could fit there...  The drawers still need primer as well as the remainder of the lower cabinets.And NO... I am not leaving the top cabinets open without doors... they are being painted and re-installed!!  Too much mess in my kitchen for open shelving.  You also get just a little sneak-peek at the laminate floor which was put in yesterday!   Goodbye ugly 80's lino!!  Goodbye very soon to the horrible "peach" trim on the woodwork... it will be going white.   PLUS.. this is a little bistro-type table and chair set we found that we are auditioning in the kitchen eating area.  Did I say that I love Love LOVE the laminate??Here's the diningroom..and the livingroom with the furniture all pilled in...  I'm not so sure that the golden oak coffee table and end tables will work with this floor though..  

OHhhh... I almost forgot that CJ got most of the livingroom, diningroom, hallway and kitchen under primer prior to the flooring being installed...He can actually walk in these..  AND paint!! It was almost 11:30 PM by the time this was done and we realized we had forgotten to have supper...  That cereal sure tasted good!!

So, for now, this brings things up-to-date...  Hopefully, we won't have to do any more shuffling things around for a bit - that is, until about 10 days from now when the carpet goes in downstairs along with new lino in the bathrooms....

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