Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Supper & other stuff

What's for supper tonight?? 

Chilli Parlour Chilli with cheese and Multi-grain toast!  mmmmmmm :)

Under the dishes is my first try at a tessellating design from the book called Square Dance - Fancy Quilts from Plain Squares - by Martha Thompson.  This method takes the hard work out of making one of these designs.  This tester is a place mat that is fun and easy to do too!

I have to show you what CJ brought home for me the other day....

It was so sweet of him to bring me flowers "just because". 

Things are progressing slowly on our Home Reno project. We both seem to be getting tired and easily distracted. We did go to Jysk yesterday and purchased the curtain rods and drapes for in the livingroom and diningroom. We also picked up blinds for behind the livingroom drapes as the sun can really heat up that side of the house. Now I am anxious to get the trim around the windows painted and the final coat of paint on the walls so I can hang drapes again. I would REALLY like everything to get back to normal around here...


  1. Beautiful flowers.
    Keep your chin up. It'll all be over soon.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. Oh my! That chili looks good. But, for goodness sakes, get it off that beautiful quilt.


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