Monday, October 26, 2009

Out of order and maybe a new embroidery machine...

Today, I finally broke down and took my trusty sewing machine to be serviced and repaired. 

I was sewing the binding on to a small table center-piece and it was making a terrible clacking  noise whenever I went faster than just barely moving... so, I guess it was time.

While I was at the sewing machine store, I looked at an embroidery machine. My machine is an older top of the line model with embroidery but the maximum design size is only 4" x 4". I have been seeing lots of designs now that are larger than that and have collected some freebies on various embroidery sites. Now I really want a machine with a larger design field.

I still want to keep my current machine as I love it and I think I have every foot that is available for it so, I think the way to go might be to get a stand alone embroidery machine. I'm just starting to look and would be thrilled if anyone had suggestions for me. Do you own an embroidery machine? What do you like about it and what do you wish it had? I would really love to hear your recommendations.

Why is it that, when you know its not sitting in there patiently waiting, you come up with all kinds of ideas for things you could sew right now? I probably could put my time to very good use by cleaning up the sewing room so everything is tidy when it gets home.