Saturday, August 29, 2009

Learning to Hand Quilt Woes

Ok - I really, really want to be able to hand quilt some of my projects. I've done a little hand quilting before, a pillow top and on a runner (see post here) but, I never did use a hoop. I just held everything in my hands and stitched. I guess it turned out ok.. but, to me, its still not the "right" way?? 

I went out and bought myself a quilting hoop on a stand. It sat in its box by the door in my sewing room for almost a year before I finally got it out and put it together. Then, it sat there in the corner for a while longer until I got brave enough to actually put something in the hoop.

I decided that my recent EPP project would be a good size to start with so prepared everything. I thread basted my sandwich so I wouldn't need to worry about pins. Fabrics are all cotton and of good quality. Batting is warm & natural. Needles size 9 quilting.

I've read all the instructions for doing the quilting stitch, watched tv how-to shows, seen demonstrations... I can wear a thimble and forget I have it on. I just can't seem to get even stitches and it feels SO awkward. How am I ever going to graduate to bigger quilts?? My work certainly won't take any prizes anytime soon.

Who says this is supposed to be relaxing? Are needles supposed to bend like that and break??? At this rate, this project is going to eat up 20 or more needles. I'm sure that, back when sewing needles were prized possessions, they didn't go through them like this on a small quilting project! What am I doing wrong?