Monday, May 12, 2008

Day what??

CJ has moved the wiring for the stove and has un-installed the bank of drawers from the corner where the fridge will go.  He also filled in the big hole in the wall where the old range hood was.  I got busy and emptied the rest of the top cabinets and put it all into boxes.Need cereal??  Third box to the right of the box with the dishes...  This is going to make life a bit more interesting for a while, trying to still live and use a kitchen through this process.

Oh yes... we also went today and picked out the laminate flooring for the main floor and the lino and carpeting for the basement.  We are having THEM install it all... ;-)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Filling gaps

The rain let up long enough yesterday for us to pick up the sheet of drywall to repair the hole in the kitchen wall.  We put on the first layer of joint compound to fill in the gaps between the old wall and the new.

I miss my sewing machine... maybe I'll go visit my sewing room for a little while tonight.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Side Steps

Here it is.. the new microwave. When CJ checked out the mounting instructions and then checked the wall where it is to be hung, he discovered that there were no studs in the wall where they were going to need to be in order to safely and securely mount the microwave. Take two steps sideways....Remember the nice SMALL patch around the newly moved plug in the area behind the stove that I showed in my previous post?? We now had to remove a large section of drywall in order to insert studs into the wall.  Just another delay. Now we are waiting for the rain to stop so that we can go get a sheet of drywall to close the wall up again. The one bonus was that we were able to add some wood to the wall to support the handrail that goes down the steps on the other side of this wall. Gotta look for the silver lining...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Reno - Work day #2

The days sure seem to disappear quickly.. it seems that with renovations, everything takes a bit longer than you think it should.
The plug-in on the wall behind the stove has been moved and the plug for the microwave (inside the top cabinet) has been wired in.

We wanted a little preview of the painted cabinets to see if they would be all right or if we should be looking at ordering new cupboards. CJ did some sanding and then primed one set of top cabinets and doors. Silly me, forgot to take the picture of it with the doors back on... but you'll have to trust me that we think it will look great! New countertops and flooring will bring this whole kitchen up to the new millennium.