Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have seen this word "toy" on a few blogs that I visited and thought it might be interesting to see what I got.  It rather surprised me.  

    My blog was supposed to be more about quilting and less about all the other stuff in my life.  It seems that it has gotten off of that track.  I know that those who are finding me are expecting more quilting content.  Perhaps it is time to re-group and get back to some quilting.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dinner for One

Well... sometimes things have a way of working out... and sometimes they don't.  CJ has gone back to BC leaving me here to try to pick up the pieces and finish the painting etc. on the house.  I have not felt much like doing anything for the last 10 days or so.  I stayed a few days with my sister and came home again wednesday.  My other sister was here a while yesterday but, today I have been on my own.
I managed to drag myself out to the paint store to get some white paint to tone down the color that had been chosen for the walls.  That's it.  Maybe tomorrow.
A day at a time... an hour at a time... sometimes minutes...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Somethin's Stitchy

Here is an applique project I have started so that I can have some "TV" handwork to do.  It will be either a pillow top or I may frame it for on the wall. I had to go out and buy a whole lot of embroidery floss as I can't seem to locate my stash of those.  They are probably packed in a box "somewhere". I used to do counted cross-stitch so I know I have a bunch.  Oh well, gotta support the local enconomy.

After getting the main flowers arranged, I decided that it needed "something" so I added the little gold 5-petal flowers.  (I am still not used to documenting everything with pictures as I do it but, I will try to remember for future.) They are tiny.  I experimented with a few different stitches to attach them and finally decided on a teensy-weensy running stitch.  Thought it would take forever but, with the help of a set of magnifying lenses over my bi-focals, I got them done!

I have not even started on Lynette's Noah's Ark blocks yet but I did buy all the colors of floss I need in order to do them.  Then, I had to go back to the store to get the pigma pen to trace them. I found a strip of fabric that I hope will be large enough for the project and I have printed all the blocks out. I should be able to start soon....


Although renovations/painting are still continuing, and I fear it may be pretty boring to post pictures of another painted wall/door/baseboard, I am having second thoughts about the main color that we have chosen for the walls.  It seems quite dark to me compared to the "half-strength" primer that was on the wall first.  The room pictured here is in the basement. Seeing the color here in the picture, it does not seem quite as dark as when you are standing in the room. I wish the camera could show how I "feel" in the room with the color... 

Here is a bit of experimenting with color. The main color is the spot on the left and looks a bit more true to color than the photo above. The wall is done in primer which is half-strength of the main color. Then, we mixed equal parts of main color and primer to get a toned down color.

What do you think?? 

I am leaning more toward the "toned down" version at the moment but would love to hear your comments.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday again

Something I need to remember at this moment in my life:
"When you look up at the sky and see nothing but dark, dreary gray clouds, remember that there is much more beyond what you can see.  Above those ominous layers of gloom, there are rays of sunshine streaming down gloriously.  The problem is that we don’t see the sunshine at all times.   Remember that this does not mean that it is not there.  Hang on and remember that the sun is always shining for you somewhere."