Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just a quick update...  I took a tumble in the garage last thursday and sprained my left wrist, scraped my shin and bruised a knee quite badly.  Spent half a day in emergency getting checked out and thankfully, nothing was broken!  I was told to rest with my leg up and a tensor on my wrist.   

I still have bedding plants to get into the ground although I did manage to get some of them planted.  Today, I worked on painting the interior of all but two of the upper cupboards.  The wrist is a bit sore again tonight.  

CJ's mom wanted to know how I managed to paint with my wrist immobile and my leg higher than my heart... she asked for pictures...  LOL  Sorry mom, no pics of that available. :-D

Meanwhile, we have the carpet installed in most of the downstairs, just 2 rooms to be done yet as soon as we get everything cleared out of them.  Almost all of what is down there needs to be driven out to the storage unit we rented so it will take a few days of making trips with our little truck.

I was planning to work on quilting the charity quilt that I have pin basted, but it seems that my walking foot has gone into hiding somewhere...  hopefully, I will find it out in the trailer which is also at the storage lot.  *sigh*

I sure hope that I can soon get back to doing some quilting and have some more interesting stuff to show and tell!

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sounds like you are getting what I need a new kitchen. Mine is 1960's. But its gonna have to wait. Regarding the little bag. It was made from three hexagons. Join them together, and I think you will work the rest out. No pattern. hope your wrist and foot get better soon.


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