Sunday, February 27, 2011

OPAM Finishes

I finally have something to show you that I have finished!! Woot woot!!

I saw this cute little wristlet pattern on the Pink Penguin blog way back in August and decided then that I wanted to make one. I went through my scraps looking for squares that were already cut and found enough to make the project. The only thing is, they were only 2" squares rather than the 2 1/4" squares called for in the pattern. I played with the colors and found an arrangement I like the look of.

Then, it all sat there on the cutting table for a few weeks until the pieces were put carefully into the front and back of a quilting book to keep them in order for sewing. The book was put next to the sewing machine and somehow, the sewing never happened.

Inside of Wristlet

I moved the book the other day and a square fell out. When I opened the book, I remembered the project but not where I'd found it. A few google searches later and I had the directions. Just 3 hours later, I had myself a cute little wristlet to use! Mine is just a bit smaller since I used smaller squares but the size is fine with me. I made only two pockets inside and my cards fit well in one and my cell phone in the other. Isn't that all anyone needs?

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