Monday, January 11, 2010

Working on my PhD's

Myra at Tactile Pleasures is hosting a PhD Challenge! What is a PhD?? It is a Project Half Done that needs to be completed. I have LOTS of those!! In an effort to play along and get something accomplished for myself at the same time, I have decided to join in with all the others who are joining this challenge. I am going to set a certain time either daily or weekly that I will spend on PhD's.

Now, I'm not sure if this pink and yellow disaster I was working on is a PhD yet or if it is still my current project but, I have decided that the blocks are all to be unsewn and then remade paying closer attention to the contrast within each block. What a lot of work but... I am stubborn and determined. It would be easier to scrap it all and start again but... thats where my frugal nature kicks in. Worked all afternoon yesterday and managed to get 15 of the 72 blocks unsewn. It better be worth it....

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  1. Thanks for the plug about my PhD Challenge, and joining in Edna! 8-)

    Pity you felt you had to take your Pink and Yellow appart! I thought it looked great!


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