Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Belated Happy New Year!

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Is it just me or do the weeks, months and years seem to be going by faster and faster the older that you get?? I swear that New Years Day just happened and now, the whole month of January is over!! I'm beginning to understand now why it was that when my mother was in her 70's, her whole day was taken up by going to see the doctor and making supper.

Time stands still for no-one and I know that I need to learn to make better use of the time that is here now for me to use. There are no "hold over minutes" in real life! I find that, sometimes, I get rather bogged down with things especially if I have no clear plan in place, or a deadline of some kind to work towards. I know I have talked before about goals.. I know what I NEED to do. It seems though that the one thing I do have down pat is procrastination.

I wasn't always this way. In my younger years, I got many things done in a day or week. There was time to go camping on many weekends even though I had a full time job outside of the home and children to care for. I can recall starting to cut out a dress at 10:00 o'clock at night and surviving on just a few hours sleep so that I could wear that same dress to work the next day. Now, it seems to take weeks and months sometimes to finish even small projects. I have almost totally stopped doing any garment sewing. The closest I get now is some mending.

I no longer wear skirts and dresses much. The uniform of the day for me has become jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt unless I dress up - then its nicer jeans and a nicer top. *LOL* My closet though is still stuffed to the max with all kinds of clothes. Its another of those tasks that I keep saying I am going to do "some day". I have A LOT of those "some day" tasks around my home. I did download a "Declutter Calendar" from My Simpler Life so that I could follow the suggestions there for gaining control of the clutter and actually fight my way through my messes.

Decluttering my home is my BIG goal for this year. That includes working to finish some of the many WISP's (Work In Some Progress) and UFO's (UnFinished Objects) in my sewing room. I am also going to join along with all the others at Abyquilt to finish at least one project per month in 2009. It is good to know that there are others who are in the same situation and hopefully, we can encourage one another along the way to meeting our goals this year!

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  1. Happy new year back to you - apparently this year's resolution wasn't to comment in a timely manner!

    I go through periods where I'm pretty ruthless with items that are just taking up space. It's not a constant thing, but it really is a help.

    F'r instance, we move on average every 2.5 years. After three or four moves, I finally decided that I didn't REALLY need to keep all of the back issues of Attenzione or Shape magazine.

    Somewhere along the way the rolling pin went bye-bye. I've been married 18 years and until last autumn when I started making my own pizza, I have had NO use for a rolling pin. So, yes, we did get a new rolling pin last fall. But this time when we pack to move (not on the current horizon), I won't go, "Now, why the &%@# am I hauling this thing around?"

    And what is it with coffee mugs? Do they breed in the cupboard when the door is closed?

    I'm always tempted to pretend that I'm moving and pack up ONE room. Packing will get you in the declutter mode faster than anything else, I've learned!!

    (Where are pictures? We need pictures of your UFOs and FOs and WIPs!)


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