Saturday, February 9, 2008

Life in a shoebox

Living and trying to quilt in a space of about 216 square feet is a real challenge (read my first post for more info). It seems that we are both coming up with excuses to get out of the trailer for a day or evening. As a consequence, I have not accomplished much in the way of quilting in the past two weeks. Curt (my partner) was home from work for a week due to a back problem so that also cut into my quilting time.

I did manage to make some easy scrap squares that will be joined together for a small charity quilt to return to one of the quilt guilds that I have joined. I had them all nicely laid out on the top of the bed when Angel (my little dog) decided that it would be a good time just then to come play "keep away" with me and managed to nicely scramble all the pieces up. The joys of not having any place for a design wall! I dragged out my flannel-backed plastic tablecloth, laid it down on the bed and got the blocks all laid out again, then quickly rolled it up so it would be ready to join the blocks when I am able to sew next. You have to love those plastic table cloths! I must own a half-dozen or more, most of which are rolled up with a partial quilt laid out on them, stored away in a project box. They really do work quite well as a portable design wall.

I have also been working a bit on my english paper piecing project in the evenings. It is growing slowly but steadily. I have just spent several hours looking for a similar six pointed star pattern on the internet without much luck. Mine is very simple using various fabrics for the stars and a white on white for the in-betweens. My first idea was to use a different fabric for every star but I am quickly running out of fabrics (at least what I have with me at this point). If anyone has an extra 2" x 15" strip of fabric they really need to find a new home for, let me know!! ;-)

Wow - I have even managed to learn how to add photos!!
Thanks so much to those who left comments for me.. that is most encouraging!!


  1. WOW...that English paper pieced top is looking GORGEOUS!!! super job!

  2. I have pictures of sewing in my holiday trailer as well - I loved it - it was so much fun;)


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