Saturday, February 23, 2008


It seems that it is very easy for me to get distracted. I tend to find little projects that interest me more than finishing one that is already started. If, for any reason, I can't finish something without a lot of interruptions, it is more difficult for me to go back to that project to finish it. That could be the major reason that I have so many WISP's (work in some progress).

I was looking through some blogs and found a pincushion tutorial on a wonderful blog by May called Abyquilt. I had to try making one right away so I cut some 2 inch foundation squares from the first thing I thought of, recipe file cards. It turned out that they are a little stiff for this but they did work. I wouldn't want to make a very much larger project with such heavy papers. Anyways... I managed to finish my pincushion and I really like it! It's so nice to be able to create something that is finished quickly. I did find while stuffing it that it was difficult to get into the last point as it was so close to the opening I had left.

I then had to try another one with 1.5" squares. This time, I cut the foundations from the paper mailer inserts from some magazines I had on hand and they turned out to be much easier to work with. The smaller size is more challenging when making this project but I finished it. I changed where I left the opening for stuffing on this one. I thought it would be easier to stuff the points if the opening was left on one of the bottom seams. It did make it better although, I could have left a bit larger opening for stuffing. I tried a different placement of colors and feel now that there was not enough contrast between the second "sides" and the top. Perhaps the next one will be PERFECT!!

I have managed to add a few more pieces to my EPP Star project, so it is growing ever so slowly too. My goal for this next week is to complete my charity baby quilt. I need more finishes and fewer starts!!

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