Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time, time, time

Seems that I am spending more time on the computer creating this blog than I am working on any quilt projects. Have applied today to become a "citizen" of "Quiltland". Hopefully, I have done what I am supposed to do for that!! Now, I better get at some sewing.


  1. Hi Edna
    Welcome to Quiltland. I know what you mean about spending lots of time on the computer. I have been browsing blogs this morning and the time just flies by. I swear I'm going to do some *real* quilting this afternoon.

  2. welcome to quiltland...i hope you are busy quilting!

  3. As a new member of Quiltland myself, hello and welcome. As you haven't posted since January I can only assume that you are as good as your word and are busy quilting!!!


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