Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And away I go!!

My oldest grandson TJ used to come ask me what I was "needle-ing" when I would sit in my chair doing some hand stitching. Thanks TJ for the great name idea for my blog!

OK.. others have managed to figure all this out so, hopefully, I will be able to as well! My idea in creating this blog is to track the myriad of projects that I have in various stages of incomplete and to share that journey with my friends and family. It is my hope that by sharing this, it will encourage me along the way.

I am in the process of moving from another province and, because I am waiting for my house to sell, my partner and I are living temporarily in my 27 foot travel trailer. I did manage to bring a few projects with me as well as my sewing machines. Sewing in a travel trailer does have some challenges, space being the major one. I have taken over one of the back spare bunks as storage space for my quilting projects (and some of my clothing). I also brought along several quilts that are partially done to work on PLUS, I have already managed to pick up several more kits and projects too. I will attempt to create a list of just what I have here for now. Once the whole household is moved, I will do an inventory and list ALL of the projects. (YIKES!)

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  1. OH what a brave woman you are! Well, if the two of you can manage living together like this,, the rest should be a little slice of heaven!

    Love your pictures - your furry friend is just as cute as can be..



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