Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Sunday of May 2010

Wow... Can't believe that it's almost the end of May already.
I have been knitting a bit again this week. I made this dishcloth from a pattern I found by Dave at Criminy Jickets. I was a bit disappointed after it was done, but not because of the pattern. There were some knots in the ball of cotton I used and it seems that, each time I came to a knot, it was a different dye lot. I didn't notice the differences until it was done. Why do yarn companies do that?? Also, I found the cast on edge to be not so nice. I later found an alternate way to begin this pattern at Tinker Tots. I'm going to try it again with this alternate start.
My evenings watching television have produced 4 more blocks for my Joseph's Coat quilt.

Most of my hand stitching time has been spent making Klosjes, 14 of them so far.  Each block finishes at 3 inches. I have another 30 or so cut out and ready to sew once I get the match points marked on them all.

It seems that this week, I am sitting perilously close to the brink of going into the 'gain' side of stash usage, or should I say stash gainage? Not only that, but I am way behind on my PhD's for the challenge. Fabric in those is already counted as used unless I need to add something like borders to one of the UFO's so, finishes don't count towards the stash report totals.

I've been in a bit of a slump here again. Some days, it is difficult for me do accomplish anything as I seem to have no drive to do much at all. The past week has mostly been dreary and dark accompanied by lots of rain. All I know is, I could REALLY use a good dose of HAPPY!

My fabric purchase this was 4 M of plain white for backgrounds plus 4 FQ's of mottled brights. Perhaps I need a cheery quilt to work on? Or, maybe the purchase was just to get that bit of a 'fabric happy' when you are in a quilt store looking at all the wonderful things they have there. I know my purchase will not be a waste as it will be used at some time.

I've been looking at a lot of simple quilts using just plain white muslin as a background and then cheerful bright colors in squares or zig-zags etc. Here are links to a few I really like: 

I know I shouldn't be thinking about starting something else when I have so much not finished. Not sure how others manage to keep themselves on one project until it is completely done...

Used this week: .5 M (for Klosjes)
Used Year to Date: 18.3M
Added this week: 5 M
Added Year to Date: 17.07M
Net used for 2010: 1.23 M


  1. Your Josephs Coat is looking great and those little spools are so sweet. I find the the weather really has an effect on my mood and I have found that I need to work with lots of color in my quilts during the dreary times. Maybe a new quilt with bright colors will be just the thing. To ease your conscience finish up an easy one then get started. Both (a finish and a start) will hopefully give you that buzz. Hugs.

  2. PS....did you see this new quilt along? I think it is very tempting.

  3. Your Joseph's Coat blocks are stunning!!
    And, of course, the klosjes are wonderful!!
    I've just joined the Clamshell Club. Must be quite mad as I have more than enough projects on the go. However ...


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