Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Confessions

Somehow, two weeks has gone by since my last post! Not sure where all the time runs off to... sure would be nice to find a whole lake full of it and dip some back out. I love this picture. I took it in BC near Chilliwack during an off-road adventure several years ago. Doesn't that log just look like a sculpture of an animal?
I've been sewing Klosje blocks by hand in the evenings these past two weeks. There are another 13 done which makes my total now 27. At a finished size of 3 1/4" each,  I'm going to need quite a few of them to make anything. Guess I should decide how big a quilt I really want! Something is saying.... wall hanging.

There are two other hand projects that I have been neglecting - Joseph's Coat and Diamond Stars as nothing has been done lately on either of these. I'm going to aim toward getting another 3 or 4 JC blocks appliquéd this coming week. So far, 16 of  the 48 needed are done.

My Stash Report for Week 24
The net amounts have not unchanged from my last report on May 30th. I suppose nothing new purchased can be seen as a good thing!

Used this week: 0 M
Used Year to Date: 18.3M
Added this week: 0 M
Added Year to Date: 17.07M
Net used for 2010: 1.23 M

Check out everyone's reports on Judy's blog.

Not sure anyone is really interested in all of this but, the accountability is good for me! It is, hopefully, how I will stop creating more half-done projects. Your comments are a big help to me as well! *hugs*


  1. I think nothing new purchased is a good thing! I strive for that, but rarely manage it. I have been (so far successfully) trying to talk myself out of doing the Joseph's Coat quiltalong. I love that quilt and so badly want to make one, but I have too many other irons in the fire right now. I hope you post yours when it's finished. I'll just try to live vicariously through the ones who are doing it!

  2. What a beautiful view! My first thought was the log looked like some kind of creeping lizard!


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