Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Latest Virus

Klosje Fever started in Holland where many have been afflicted over the years. It seems that now, due to the internet, it is spreading swiftly throughout the world. I have seen reports of the fever affecting those in all parts of  Europe, Austrailia, United States and Canada.

Many seem to be affected more on one particular day known as Zaterdag in Dutch. On this day, people, the majority of whom seem to be women, are compelled to devote their day to making Klosjes. The effect of Klosje Fever causes you to forget all your promises and resolutions about starting new things. Your fingers begin to itch. You find yourself digging through your supplies and, before you know it, you have one in your hands. One Klosje leads to another and another.

It seems that I have also been afflicted by Klosje Fever. Those cute little Klosjes find their way into your brain, your heart and very quickly, your hands. Before I knew it, I too was spending my Saturday working on them.

For more information regarding Klosjes, go to  Valentina's Corner.

My stash report for Week 21:

Used this week: .25 M (for Klosjes)
Used Year to Date: 17.8 M
Added this week: 0 M
Added Year to Date: 12.07M
Net used for 2010: 5.73 M

Check Judy's blog to see what everyone else has reported this week.


  1. LOL--I had to search for Klosjes--what fun!

  2. I've seen these around and they do look like fun. I think my anti-virus program is working so far. Hope you have lots of fun and a good looking quilt before you are cured.

  3. Oh, Edna, I am still trying for a cure, but to no avail, I am getting close to 300 Klosjes, and feel that it is just now getting GOOOOD! :)
    Can't wait to see them!

  4. Oh, that's too funny!

    Have fun with your latest form of insanity - I'll be cheering you on from here!

  5. Enjoy your Klosje Fever Edna! I won't be catching it right now... 8-)

  6. Hello Edna, ahh so that is what is wrong with me...grin....Regards Lyn enjoyed your post


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