Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Quilter

It's Sunday again! I've been busy this week helping my Grand-daughter Leah (16) make a quilt. She is doing great and I'm so proud of her! Because of her quilt, I haven't had much opportunity to work on any of my projects but that's ok. I'll have lots of time after she goes home next weekend to do any sewing I want. I'm sure going to miss having her around. I'm planning to do a post with pictures and daily progress of her first quilt.
This week, the purchases I made were for her quilt. Most everything came from my stash until she decided she wanted purple setting blocks and I just didn't have enough of any one on hand. She also found a neat black & white print to use in her quilt. I'm hoping that we can find something in my stash to use to piece the back yet too.

STASH REPORT for Week #32

Used this week: 5.6 M
Used Year to Date: 34.51 M
Added this week: 3.0 M
Added Year to Date: 26.47 M
Net used for 2010: 8.04 M

Check Judy's blog for all the stash reports this week.


  1. From the looks of things, she is doing a great job. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. Hello fellow Slow Poke! I love your blog, and have only just gotten around to finding it, following it and saying hello! I'm so glad to find it~

    ~ Ronda


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