Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've LOST it!!

I've heard that it happens to everyone but, it seems to happen to me LOTS. I have been wanting to make a new clothespin bag for a while already as the old one is totally wrecked has seen better days. It was a replacement I made for the original one purchased many moons ago. The old replacement has lasted at least 10 years so, I figure it's time for a new one.

The one I want to make is nicely lined and is really cute. OK, all I need to do is go to that website where I have seen that really cute clothespin bag with the tiny appliqued clothes on a line on the front of it. I have seen it many, many times, always right there in the side bar of ??her?? blog. I went to all the usual sites I visit... not there. Where the heck is it?? Not even google could help me find it. RATZ! Guess I have to figure something out for myself. Do you know where it is?  **Edited - the tutorial I was looking for is by Joanne at Thread Head HERE**

About those PhD's...  How is it possible that six months are over?? Another thing that I seem to loose is TIME. I started the PhD Challenge sponsored by Myra at Tactile Pleasures in Fabrics in January and set a goal of 6 projects to be finished in 6 months. Sounded doable to me. I managed to get two done early on but, since then, I have not had any more finishes. (Insert red face here.) Here are the pictures of my two project finishes for the challenge.

Not very much to show for six months.... One tote bag and one tablerunner.

Maybe I will do better in the next six months?


  1. Hi,
    There is a tutorial at that might be what you are looking for. I had just finished my own replacement when I found this tutorial..ratz.

  2. Hello Edna, glad you have the link for your new peg bag....Hugs Lyn

  3. YES Kim!! That's the link I was looking for. I tried to send a thank you note but you are set to no-reply. Joanne tripped me up by making a new page for her tutorials... trying to mess with my mind! LOL

  4. Thanks for posting your PhDs Edna! Hey! Two finishes are better than no finishes!!! Right!?! 8-)

    Good luck in the giveaway, and thanks for the cute clothespin bag link! Its adorable! 8-)


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