Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pink & Yellow quilt AGAIN

I am still fretting over the placement of blocks in my Pink and Yellow (Disaster) quilt because of the difference in value of the fabrics.

There are many ways to think about laying it out. As it is now, I have the lightest fabrics at the top and getting darker as you get to the bottom. Now, I am wondering if I should try putting the lightest fabrics in the center with the darker around the outer edges... OR I could use a diagonal idea with the colors and start with the lightest at the top left gradating to the darkest on the bottom right. OR, on the same diagonal idea, have the lights and darks of each color going the opposite direction.... **sigh**

Any suggestions are MORE than welcomed!!


  1. Hi Edna, I like the graduating colour from light to dark and I think its stunning :) Start is the upper left and make it darker to the bottom right - I think this will be FAB!!

  2. First of all, I love this quilt. I think the colors are very nice. It already sort of looks like the lightest fabrics are in the upper left and the darkest are in the bottom right, so if you accentuate that I think it will be nice. But for the record, I like it already!

  3. I like it as is. I saw it on the Quilt Blog site and clicked on it. Your suggestion of around the outside is interesting too ... or maybe just in the outer corners for the darks, kind of like those old fashion photo holder corners ... or there is always the joy of totally random placement! ;-) But as I said, it is pretty as is!

  4. I think your quilt is stunning!! I wouldn't mind seeing what it would look like with the lighter squares in the center and darker around. I am sure it would look beautiful any way you chose do to it.
    Try them all and photograph them, that's what I do.
    Good luck!

  5. Oh, wow! That is SO cool! I agree that it's great the way it is... but I am also curious to see what it might be with the lights in the center graduating to darker at the edges.

    (Good job!!)

  6. I agree with the previous comments, and Just wanted to remind you.. that.. Our mistakes, make the best quilts. The quilt is very pretty. I hope I am not color blind, but if I am then so are the rest of the people who commented, laugh. Great Job! Thank You for sharing.

  7. As soon as I clicked on this, I thought, what a pretty quilt. I think the graduated colors look great.


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