Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feathers, Brown Bags & Stash

This week, I started sewing along with Erin at One Piece at a Time.  She is posting instructions for making a wonderful feathered star block and I simply could not resist! I dug in my stash (gotta love having a stash), came up with some fabrics and started sewing. The dark fabric in the picture is actually an eggplant purple color but it seems to look black when I photograph it.

A number of years back, my quilt guild were doing a "Brown Bag Exchange". the concept was for each participant to pick a block or fabric or just a guide for each of the other participants to follow as they created a block to add to your brown bag. Some added a bit of focus fabric for everyone to use, some chose a background to include in their bag. We all included a little notebook with our guidelines so everyone could write about the block they made for the bag owner. The bags were passed to the next participant every month and the "owner" of the bag did not get to see their own until the final month of the year. We had a big "unveiling" party and everyone got to see their blocks for the first time. Since I love feathered stars, that was what I picked not realizing how challenging they can be to make. Here is a photo of the blocks I received back in my "Brown Bag". I am ashamed to say that I have yet to put these together into a quilt. I shall have to add it to my long list of PhD's (Projects half Done).

8 Feb to 14 Feb
Tue, Feb 9, 10
1.00Fabrics for feathered star @ One Piece at a Time
Thu, Feb 11, 101.00
4 FQ's plain Amish colors


Used this week: 1 M
Used Year to Date: 11.6 M
Added this week: 1 M
Added Year to Date: 1.9 M
Net used for 2010: 9.7 M

Be sure to check all the stash reports for this week at Patchwork Times!


  1. Feathered stars are one of my favorite blocks. Thanks for telling me/us about Erin's blog, I think I will have to try making a feathered star her way. The only one I ever made was paper pieced, and I didn't enjoy that method.
    Great colours on your feathered star.
    Thanks again! ♥

  2. I have been reading up on feathered stars on Erin's blog. I have made lots in my life time. She is doing a great job. Your block is really pretty. It looks great. Keep up the stash busting. You are doing great.

  3. This is so pretty!
    Good job
    ALso, purple is a pain to photograph
    Thanks for following the blog


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