Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stash Report

This is the latest project I have been working on. It is a table runner made from charm squares. Its rather difficult to say how much fabric was actually used in this so I am estimating about 1/2 M so far. The fabrics on the left are my choices for the binding. Not sure which one I like the best yet. First though, I need to find something in the stash to use for a backing...

Oh, almost forgot to count the fabric used in the rag tote I made this week...  .6 M

WEEK 3 Stash Report 
Used this week: 1.1 M
Used Year to Date: 9.35 M
Added this week: 0 M
Added Year to Date: .9 M
Net used for 2010: 8.45 M

1 comment:

  1. I so need to keep track of what I use up...and what I bring in. I liked the runner.


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