Saturday, January 2, 2010

Catching Up

So, for the Final Countdown at Prairie Moon Quilts, Dec 30th, Shelly assigned Task Four "Clean up the area around your sewing machine". I had already pretty much done that on day one because I didn't have a quilt ready for binding. I put the extra Ott Lite away and all the extra thread that had collected, gave everything a good wipe down and I was done. Woo Hoo... a free day to work on my new project!

Went to the quilt store and picked up 3 strips of pink that I was short for the blocks. I've decided too that I want this quilt to look scrappier so I am going to take apart the first four blocks I made. The blocks made from here on will have all different yellows and pinks in them. Hopefully, that will spread out the one yellow print that I wanted to use as it matches the bed skirt in the guest room. Wouldn't you know it, but now, I don't really like that print with the other fabrics. It seems to demand too much attention.

Day five of the Final Countdown was New Years Eve. Shelly's Task Five was "Pampering and Dreaming". As a reward I bought myself a new quilting magazine to read and dream over. Thanks Shelly for coming up with this idea. Everyone who participated has won because we all have clean and organized sewing spaces to start the new year!!

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