Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mystery 51 Block Revealed

Since the mystery has finished and the solution posted on Paper Panache, here is my finished version of Paper Panache Mystery #51 Block...

Now I just need to figure out what to do with this... It measures 10.5" square. Any ideas???


  1. I was right, I was right! It is gorgeous!

    You really should put it on the outside of a tote bag that you will carry alova the place. You'll get tons of compliments, I'm sure. Don't just stick it on a pillow that won't be seen by very many people - this is too cool to hide!

    And if you just can't come up with ANYTHING that tickles your fancy, you can always just send it to me. I don't have an orange and purple bag. Yet.

    Heh. ;-)

  2. Oh wow! that is a block and a half!!! You must have so much patience!!

  3. A PURPLE fish!!! I love it, and I also love the idea of putting it on a bag. It will be just the right size, and absolutely fun and original.


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