Sunday, June 28, 2009

Its been a while....

I'm still here!  I have been busy helping set up our new business but I am making a point to take time to do a little bit of sewing again. I found all the bits for my embroidery machine, had Curt resurect an old Windows '95 computer so that I could download the font onto the card that my sewing machine uses and managed to embroider one tank top with the business name although, I am picking out part of the bottom of the design because I didn't like the way the smaller font looked when it stitched out. Its amazing how much one can forget in a relatively short span of time!! Its also infuriating that the software one pays good money for does not get updated...

Most of what I am doing at the moment is English Paper Pieceing which is by hand and is so easy to do while relaxing. I'm working on a project now from CD Designs called "Flower" although I have not been able to keep up to the weekly steps.  I'm sure I am about 4 weeks or so behind by now but I keep plugging away at it.

Here is a picture of Angel doing her best "Pointer" impersonation!  And, just because I love them, some apple blossoms! 

Take care until next time....


PS - not sure why I can't get these pictures to go where I want them!  GRRRR


  1. Welcome back (again!). Enjoy your summer and keep us all posted!!

  2. You are so funny!
    I love English paper piecing -- it is good therapeutic handwork.
    The fish is awesome -- That is something I probably wouldn't have tried, even tho I do love working with little tiny pieces. Good job!
    And Angel makes a good pointer. We used to raise English pointers, and our best one used to train ALL the dogs on the place to point just like she could, even if they weren't pointers!


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