Saturday, November 15, 2008

OCD Finishing (or something like that)

Here's an update on my Rainbow Hearts baby quilt. I selected a fabric for the outside border and have sewn it on. Now I am waffling on whether I have made that border too wide, too overpowering or not. It is the same width as the blocks within the quilt but I'm wondering now if it should have been narrower. (Notice my slipper matches the border?? lol)

Here is photo of the same border folded back to look narrower. I know there are some kind of rules for borders, that they should reflect the size of components within the quilt or some such thing. I just want this to look balanced and not weird.

The binding is supposed to be the same batik as the inner border. Hopefully I won't stress out over that too IF I get that far. I also have a difficult time coming up with a plan for the actual quilting on things. I've heard so often that the quilting can make or break a quilt and I stress over doing it "wrong" and screwing it up. After all the time that goes into the piecing, I sure don't want to ruin it.

I do this to myself all too often. Perhaps that is why I stall at putting the borders onto otherwise completed quilt tops (unless there is a pattern that tells me exactly what to do) and also why I have a closet full of tops that have never been quilted. I know one option would be to send them to a longarmer to have it done. Then I stress that I may not like what they choose to do. If I knew what pattern or design would enhance the quilt, I'd rather do it myself. Maybe its a control thing... I would even like to do some by hand. I do have a few books of quilting designs. Again though, I stall at what designs to use and where. Many patterns don't help when they say "quilt as desired". Finishing a quilt should not be this hard or this stressful!


  1. I prefer the narrower borders on your quilt. the wider border just drowns the centre blocks.

    I know what you mean abou the quilting. I stitch in the ditch and then hope by the time I've finished something will come to me about what else to do.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. First off, congrats on getting the click-to-big working ;-)

    About the border, either is fine I think - and the quilting? This sort of pattern is good for an allover motif, nothing fancy. Because of the total geometric feel, I'd do something swirly; maybe start in the middle and literally swirl out from there, or at the upper left corner and swirl downward.

    Now, it sounds like you're over-analyzing (again??). Did this project somewhere change from being a baby quilt to an heirloom that will be entered into juried competitions? This is supposed to be FUN, not cause to do a "deer in the headlights". (This public service announcement will be repeated indefinitely, as necessary)

    One thing, though: If it were me I wouldn't use the blue as a binding. I think it would draw the eye to the different color at the edge and lessen the impact of the actual quilt design. JUST my opinion!

    It's really a cute quilt; so glad that you were able to make it work after a rocky start. However you choose to finish it, it's going to make somebody happy!

  3. t has given you some good advice; an all over swirly pattern would be good for your quilt top.
    Don't stress about the quilting part too much, just get those tops done and enjoy them!
    The best thing to keep in mind is not to have too much quilting in one part of the quilt and not other areas cos then it looks unbalanced.
    I'll also say I prefer the narrower outer border and maybe bind it with one of the colours in the top or the green used in the outer border and not the batik.
    Let us know how you progress....

  4. I like the wider border. I'd bind it in the same green as the border. I'd outline stitch the diagonal hearts. Cute quilt! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Come back again soon!

  5. I prefer the larger border myself. I also got this kit and wasn't as smart as you to resize. I hate it and have pretty much regulated it to a Never to be finished pile.


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