Thursday, October 2, 2008

Question about flying geese

I have a QUESTION about pressing flying goose/geese units that I am making for the border of my mystery quilt.  When you join two units together (or many units as in my border) do you press: a) --> the way they want to go (which is away from the point of the goose)? If you press this way you don't have a guide when you sew the next border on and could loose the side points..

b) <-- towards the point of the goose?? It seems that when pressing them this way, you don't get as sharp a point at the top.

What do YOU do??

So, while I wait for your input I'm mending the big "T" rip in my grandson's sheets! That's just one little way for gramma to say I love you.

PS:  Because "t" asked, YES I have finally got my new glasses!!  I can see!!


  1. Try pressing the seams open. that sometimes gives a good finish as well.

    Love and hugs Gina xxxx

  2. I generally press the way things want to go. I also have been pressing seams open from time to time. Sometimes that eliminates those funny issues we get. Thanks for visiting my site and for the nice comments! Sue

  3. I don't know how I missed this post - unless there is a serious dark/light show-through issue, press the seams the way they want to go.

    Particularly when matching HSTs, the crispness of the point can be affected by the direction the seam is pressed. If you have one that is just a bit "off", try pushing the seam in the opposite direction. That might make your points practically perfect - OR it will look REALLY terrible! Just to let you know that there are options :-)

    Pressing seams open is also an option generally, but in this case and with as many geese as you have? That does NOT sound fun!

  4. I usually press towards the less seamy side-in this case away from the point as in the top picture.


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