Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mystery Quilt and Glasses

It's been a while... did anyone miss me??  I have decided to take some time to do things that make me happy. One of those things is sewing - specifically quilting.

I joined an online mystery quilt weekend at The Quilt and Needle. This is something that they offer a few times a year and there is a forum on their website for members to keep in touch and to track progress during the mystery quilt weekends. Here is my almost completed quilt top. There are several borders to be added yet, one of which is made up of 148 flying goose units.

Here are some of the flying goose units waiting patiently to be joined into borders.  

I have an excuse for my tardiness in completing this task. Gotta hate it when this happens and you can't see well anymore without your bi-focals. 

I had to go to an optometrist to have my eyes checked and to see if I needed a new prescription. I had already thought that I needed stronger lenses as I've been having trouble seeing fine work up close. So now, my new specs are ordered and will be here next week. Until then, I have to struggle along by using drugstore magnifiers.


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  1. Wow! When you start a project, you really GO, don't you! 148 flying geese? Ack!

    It's looking marvelous already and I admire your focus. I'm definitely having problems pushing away from the computer and doing anything useful!


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