Wednesday, February 27, 2008


MY DOG HAS FLEAS! It was bound to happen sooner or later since it never gets really cold enough here in the Fraser Valley of BC to kill off the fleas. I had taken Angel to the groomers yesterday for a much overdue grooming. She was fine when we got home and the groomer never mentioned any problem. This morning, she was outside for only a few minutes but I suppose it doesn't take long. She started scratching a lot at her neck and back... I thought she had perhaps had a reaction to the shampoo they used on her yesterday so, I proceeded to check to see if her skin was irritated. That's when I saw the little critters.... EWWWWWW!! This is a first for me and for her as well. So, it was off to find a solution. Being new here, I didn't really know where to go for help but I recalled a Pet Vet being located around the corner from where my friends used to live. They recommended "Advantage" and, close to $60 later, we came home with treatments for the next 6 months. The instructions also said that you should vacuum everything and wash their bed so Miss Angel now has one of my favorite little fleece throws to use for her bed cover until I can get to the laundromat.

I also had an appointment with an employment councillor today so, needless to say, I never got any sewing done today... nor yesterday as I was running the dog to and from the groomers as well as going to my first Aquasize class. Sadly, I could hardly walk last night (am I out of shape or what?) and went to bed at 8:15. LOL If I am going to get that little quilt done, it best be TOMORROW!! Perhaps its just a good excuse for missing the Thursday Aquasize??


  1. If you can get hold of Garlic tablets/capsules give these to your dog. Apparently it poisons the blood to fleas with no harm to your dog. This is what I use on my dog and so far so good. Just don't let them burp near you.LOL

    love and hugs xxx

  2. Thanks for the great information Gina!! I will have to look here to see if I can find them.


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