Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Stash Update and Fun on the Farm

Just in case all you really want to know is how I'm doing in my efforts at stash reduction, here is my report that covers three weeks this time. (I'll explain how that happened again farther down for those who might be interested...)

Unfortunately, not a lot of stitching has been happening. I've done a few more blocks for the Joseph's Coat quilt but still have lots to do. I have 14 of the 48 done now and have another 8 blocks prepared so I can continue on. My progress is really slow but at least it's progress!

Week 16, 17 & 18 STASH Report

Used this week: .8 M
Used Year to Date: 17.55 M
Added this week: 3 M
Added Year to Date: 10.90 M
Net used for 2010: 6.55 M

Not a lot compared to some others but I am happy with what I am using up and enjoying my (slow) progress on my projects!

Check out what everyone else has done this week at Judy's site.

NOW... about the last few weeks....   
My sister had asked me several weeks ago if I would be able to come to her home to care for her husband while she attended a conference. I was more than happy to do that. I was to be there on Thursday... BUT, on Monday, this area of Southern Alberta was hit with a huge snow storm.

There was more than a foot of really heavy, wet snow and then the wind picked up. The result was many downed power lines and even power poles that were snapped right off at the ground. Most of this devastation happened within 10 miles of where my sister and her husband live in a rural area. As a result, they were without power starting late Monday. When I arrived on Thursday, there was still no power. Since my brother-in-law is on oxygen all the time, they had a generator set up to run the oxygen machine and the furnace fan. Even though the furnace is gas (propane actually), it needs electricity for the fan to work or you still don't get heat.

She also has 3 deep freezes and, of course the fridge in the kitchen. Too many items to have plugged into the generator simultaneously. As a result, I was continually changing what was plugged in to try to keep everything cold or frozen.... and, at the same time... hauling gas to keep the generator going. It was very hard work until the power finally came back on late Saturday.

My sister also had another commitment this weekend so I've been here again since Wednesday. Fortunately, there is power although there was yet ANOTHER snow storm in Southern Alberta! Luckily, the worst missed us here and we mostly just experienced very strong winds (up to 90 km) and rain with a bit of intermittent sleet. I think we are getting March weather in April and May this year. Last week, everyone was out cutting lawns and doing yard work.... gotta love it!


  1. Wow!!
    Glad to see you back.♥

  2. What an adventure! It is so good of you to do all that work and be there for your sister and her husband. I can't imagine how hard you must be working!

    But tell me - will they soon be getting a heating apparatus that does NOT require electricity? Especially with health issues, that just seems like a huge added burden.

    (Yes, I know - you didn't ask for my opinion ;-D )


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